Selena Gomez on stage

Why Do We Look Down on Pop Stars Who Don’t Write Their Own Songs?

An interesting question posed by Noisey: Why do we look down on pop stars who don’t write their own songs?

Because, even the author of the article puts it, they’re “curators” more than artists. In the same way as the tech community look down on people who just copy-paste code from StackOverflow, just adapting it to their specific needs, an “artist” isn’t somebody supposed to just mold various ideas and submissions from others to adapt this his/her vision of the final product. An artist is supposed to create art, or at least be able to perform a piece of art. But then, what a “performer” is?

Let’s put it bluntly: do you think that Charles Mingus, Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters or Thom Yorke wouldn’t have been able to write a song from the ground off, from the white sheet of paper, to a final form, completely on their own?

Would you be 100% sure in asserting the same about Britney Spears or Selena Gomez?


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