Some of our readers have asked on Twitter and Instagram accounts how can they replicate the pictures we take, both in a photographic sense and in enhancing them. Thank you all for asking. It is not a secret and some may have already noticed that we apply Lightroom presets but for everybody else I’m going to explain.

We both use Lightroom presets that are made by our Sylwia over the course of many months, working on tweaking the various pictures of our travels we have been taking. There are plenty of Lightroom preset packs. Probably more will come in the near future. She is constantly perfecting them. They are of different types, for different locations and lights conditions so you will have a preset for each destination you’re visiting. If you don’t see one that can be applied to your own pictures or want a specific one, email us or comment at the end of this post and Sylwia will check what can be done.

I’ve personally used all of them as Instagram presets and couldn’t think of uploading any pictures without them any more. They are truly great!

If you are interested in using them yourself, you can see the presets in action at TravelHer Impressions and possibly buy them there too. You can also just read tutorials on how to use Lightroom presets both on mobile and desktop there.

Feel free to poke around the examples of each preset and if you have, ask any questions in the comments or on PaperSounds’ social media accounts. We’ll be glad to answer anything!

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