Black and White Woman Sitting

The Color of Racism

I have observed recently many people on the internet tend to stop negative trends with other trends resulting as much harming as the previous ones. Let me give you some examples.

Too skinny girls in runaways? Reactions:

  1. Let’s embrace all women
  2. Let’s shame them, other body types are superior

Discrimination towards women? Reactions:

  1. Let’s fight for equal rights and educate people
  2. Let’s fight men

Discrimination towards religion? Reactions:

  1. Everyone deserve respects, no one has the right to hurt the other
  2. Isolate other religions (most probably the most popular one), shame them, let them die

Discrimination towards minorities or black people? Reactions:

  1. We are all equal, there’s no difference, we are all human
  2. White people are shit, shame them, hate them on the internet


You can’t defend a person discriminated by a group or an individual by virtually destroying the group that individual belongs to. You can’t defend a black person throwing offences at all the white people you encounter. Your intentions may be good but you are being in the wrong in that moment.

Related to all of this, even I was involved in a quite weird come out of nowhere.

My friend was attacked on Twitter on the day people were talking about an episode of racism in Europe. What is so annoying in all of this, she received unjustified hate only because of being white.

My friend is Italian. I am half Italian. Thanks to her first hand experience, I can assure you who is labelled as white can be hugely and relentlessly discriminated too.
Italians are dismissed and treated as criminals. People often don’t want to haave anything to do with them that lasts more than an evening. They are dismissed, labelled as parasites.

Italians abroad have problems in finding a job as they are instantly treated as too loud or those who never want to work. When hired, they know they probably cannot ask for or suggest any changes, suggestions that are positively accepted if made by people from some other nations, but when one of my friends do (let’s say here my friends work in different companies abroad) they get a beautifully ironic reply “are you looking for drama?”.

I am also half polish. I think only few people haven’t heard about polish stereotypes.
If I were to believe in what is said in the media, I should be superficial maniac with general low standards, no education and no sense of respect towards others. I was discriminated and laughed at during my entire childhood, from people of many different nationalities. People from my country have difficulties when searching for a jobs, they are not trusted and labelled as alcoholics even when it’s a single mother working two shifts.

People discriminating us, offending, hating on our races (even if I believe different races do not exist) can be white, black, ethnic minorities, Italians, Polish.


Racism has no color. Discrimination has no nationality.


Please, stop shaming entire communities. Stop replacing harming trends with other trends. Your behavior may cause new forms of discrimination.

Don’t condemn people, condemn the act. The world is not black and white and I mean in it in every sense.


We are all equal, we all deserve respect, we are in this together.

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