• Naples Gulf
    Europe,  Travel

    Naples Yet Again

    I was born in Naples. I’ve spent there more than 30 years of my life. Over one third of it all, therefore. I know it, I walked over its streets countless times, I’ve spoken with hundreds of its inhabitants, I’ve…

  • Woman alone on a beach

    How to Travel Alone

    I admit it: when I travel alone I truly feel free. It is one of my guilty pleasures. It recharges me, even if I sometimes feel lonely. It gives me space to think, even if the time to do it…

  • Budapest Bar
    Europe,  Travel

    Budapest Travel Impressions

    A summer or two ago I was invited on board to a one-last-gig journey to Sziget Festival. My close friends and I were travelling between a bunch of European cities motivated by some pretty awesome gigs. Few years ago concerts…