• Sarakiniko in Milos
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    What to do in Milos

    Milos is a pearl. Along with Santorini, with which it shares the volcanic origin and the richness in colours of its beaches, it is one of the most objectively beautiful Greek island. No other island has so many beaches all…

  • Airplane wing over clouds

    Moving Abroad: why

    Moving abroad is usually either a personal or a forced decision: it can be you want to move to the country you always loved or you need to move in search of better work opportunities. In any case, moving abroad,…

  • Woman alone on a beach

    How to Travel Alone

    I admit it: when I travel alone I truly feel free. It is one of my guilty pleasures. It recharges me, even if I sometimes feel lonely. It gives me space to think, even if the time to do it…