• Iron Maiden on stage
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    How I discovered metal music

    this is the first article in a series about my music discoveries I was still a kid, like 16-17 years old, used to radio pop, dance and occasionally some rock (mostly the bad quality we make in Italy). I didn’t…

  • Metal,  Music,  Rock

    Rock is dead. Or hidden?

    Or smelling funny, as the late Frank Zappa said of jazz. Rock is dead has long been claimed, asserted, announced, joked about and cried. Since the 70s already, in which arguably rock was at the height of its health. Perhaps…

  • Headphones on wood
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    What I listened in 2017: a playlist

    None of the big names came out with worthy albums, of any at all, in this 2017. Thus the 2017 playlist for me is devoid of big bands, with a single exception. Contrarily to the usual “best of the year”…

  • Allan Holdsworth
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    Allan Holdsworth (1946-2017)

    One of my friends said at the beginning of this year: “this is the year of the deaths of the semi-famous people”. It is sadly confirmed by the death of Allan Holdsworth. He’s the typical musicians who is well-known by…