• Mgła - Age Of Excuse cover

    Mgła – Age Of Excuse

    The polish kings of straight, no experimentation, bleak black metal return with Age Of Excuse. And if you were looking for any change of direction you will be sorely deluded. Mgła are far from an abruptly changing band, but an…

  • Iron Maiden on stage

    How I discovered metal music

    this is the first article in a series about my music discoveries I was still a kid, like 16-17 years old, used to radio pop, dance and occasionally some rock (mostly the bad quality we make in Italy). I didn’t…

  • Man Playing Guitar

    Rock is dead. Or hidden?

    Or smelling funny, as the late Frank Zappa said of jazz. Rock is dead has long been claimed, asserted, announced, joked about and cried. Since the 70s already, in which arguably rock was at the height of its health. Perhaps…

  • 2 Christmas Elves

    The Metalhead and Christmas Dilemma

    I admit I’ve had a weird relationship with Christmas. On one side, this christian-capitalist-modern festival of gifts, food, chants and, if you’re lucky, snow, entices the child inside me to be festive, to be happy, to share happiness and to…

  • Tribulation's Down Below album cover

    Tribulation – Down Below

    Honestly, Tribulation’s Down Below is hardly anymore a death metal album from Sweden. It is much more. Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge fan of the genre, since the coming of Dark Tranquillity and In Flames I’ve barely listened to…

  • Fleurety - The White Death cover

    Fleurety – The White Death

    I admit having totally forgot about their existence. After the awesome Department of Apocalyptic Affairs of 17 years ago, they did caress the idea of a a full LP again but I despaired after the years passed by and no…