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    Mgła – Age Of Excuse

    The polish kings of straight, no experimentation, bleak black metal return with Age Of Excuse. And if you were looking for any change of direction you will be sorely deluded. Mgła are far from an abruptly changing band, but an…

  • Music,  Rock

    Muse choices in Simulation Theory album and tour

    After tons of sneak peaks, interviews, rumors of giving up album (only digitally released singles) and finally singles, Muse is coming back in their perfect science fiction style. Their new album, Simulation Theory, will be out tomorrow. This means today…

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    Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

    Is blackgaze a genre of its own? Is blackgaze a branch of black metal? Is blackgaze anathema to a trve metaller? Yes, yes and no. These are my answers. Yours would be probably different and we’d get along just fine.…

  • Music,  Pop

    Sparks – Hippopotamus

    Sparks have come a long way. Longer than most bands, career-wise and trend-wise. Hailing from the early 70s, when rock was hitting hard, metal was burgeoning, punk still was barely on sight and pop music heavily leaned to the rock…

  • Tribulation's Down Below album cover
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    Tribulation – Down Below

    Honestly, Tribulation’s Down Below is hardly anymore a death metal album from Sweden. It is much more. Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge fan of the genre, since the coming of Dark Tranquillity and In Flames I’ve barely listened to…

  • Headphones on wood
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    What I listened in 2017: a playlist

    None of the big names came out with worthy albums, of any at all, in this 2017. Thus the 2017 playlist for me is devoid of big bands, with a single exception. Contrarily to the usual “best of the year”…

  • Fleurety - The White Death cover
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    Fleurety – The White Death

    I admit having totally forgot about their existence. After the awesome Department of Apocalyptic Affairs of 17 years ago, they did caress the idea of a a full LP again but I despaired after the years passed by and no…