After tons of sneak peaks, interviews, rumors of giving up album (only digitally released singles) and finally singles, Muse is coming back in their perfect science fiction style.

Their new album, Simulation Theory, will be out tomorrow. This means today is your last chance to preorder the album from the band website to access exclusive ticket presale for a tour that will bring to life the unique combination of futuristic and retro features. This choice may remind us of Arctic Monkeys last album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, however Simulation Theory is decorated by a different era, location and sound.

As per tradition, the band took a different approach to its music, choosing Netflix Stranger Things aura as the main inspiration for the visual style, eclectic virtual reality as the main utopistic theme and therefore (obviously) more electronic sounds.

If this sounds like too much to you, I would recommend to check yourself the 5 already released singles: Something Human, The Dark Side, Though Contagion, Pressure and Dig Down.

The combination and variety of the elements behind the common story in Simulation Theory will be, as usually happens with Muse, the skeleton and skin of the live show. This, alongside with the music aspect coming from the deep sounds and decisive beats in songs like The Dark Side, made of Simulation Theory an already highly anticipated show.

The tour will cover in its first part the biggest cities in Europe, North America and South America with 45 dates announced. Presale for the European leg of the tour starts on 13 November ( album order required to enter) and 15 November (registered fans), regular sale starts on 16 of November.

Drones' animations in making
Last Muse massive tour concept. Source:

Arenas won’t host only live performance. For holders of Enhanced Experience tickets (rumored at the moment to cost around 150€) a pre-show party, “Muse Mixed Reality”, which will consist of virtual reality games based on the new album songs, interactive photo points, posters and collectible boxes. All premium tickets will give the additional option to enter early the venue and choose a preferred seat.

The album itself comes also in multiple versions: Standard and Deluxe, the last one containing 4 additional alternate tracks. This band choice seems to be not only a nod to fans but also a reference to todays variety of virtual packages. Smooth move.

See what the last tour, Drones World Tour, looked like.

The conclusion coming to my mind is one: going to one of the Simulation Theory shows will mean again to take part in the Making of Music history. Let all the past Muse tours be a great examples of this.

See you there.

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Muse choices in Simulation Theory album and tour

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