Festival Season is here! A guide for foreigners to Orange Warsaw Festival

Festival season is finally here! Check again the line-up, make a list of all the waterproof protection needed, don’t forget your special item, whether it’s an inflatable Nemo or that gucci kimono you had to starve to buy.

This Friday starts our first festival and it’s really worth visiting (just look at the line-up!). Here is a first experience guide and advises to Orange Warsaw Festival.


First the official announcments.

The Line up
Friday 1/06: Dua Lipa, Sam Smith, LCD Soundsystem, Rasmentalism, Ralph Kaminski, Rebeka, Nines, Sonar and more.

Saturday 2/06: Florence + The Machine, Axwell & Ingrosso, Tyler the Creator, The Dumplings, Mela Koteluk, Mery Spolsky and more.

Festival Ground will open from 3 pm til 2:30 am. Tickets can be exchanged for handbands already from Wednsday (1pm-8pm). During festival days, ticket offices will be open from 1pm (2pm during 2/06) till 1:30 am.

The ticket allows you to use freely public transport in Warsaw on the day of the festival.


Now back to us. First experience tips

OWF was my first festival, I have many sweet and some negative ones. I amo going to share with you everything I learned from the formula applied to the organisation of this particular event.

Location and transport

As mentioned, the location of Orange Warsaw Festival will be the race track Służewiec. It’s not far from the city centre but the ground is quite rough and could be muddy. For the sake of your legs don’t wear high heels.
The stages are 5-10 minutes far from each other but the surrounding are great, trees cut the festival completely off the city.

You can take a bus to and from the festival to 4 different areas of the city, the bus stops are 10-15 minutes from the festival location. Contrary to other more expensive cities, here you can allow yourself the comfort of a taxi, especially with the OWF discount code.

Run For your Life with me (cit. Foo Fighters)

One of the most common things I hear from foreigners is how Polish fans are crazy and devoted. Yes, Polish Fans are hardcore (and quite stressed) so don’t be surprised if you see big groups of people running as it was the last marathon of their life.
I recommend anyway a chill day, only the first two rows are crowded, you will find a good close spot where to dance anyway.

If you get to the first row, remember to wear some protective earbuds or buy them in the merch store. The audio can be badly misconfigured and your hearing might get damaged (happened to me, auch!) It is really important to protect your eardrum, at least until your band starts playing.

Food and Supplies

Festivals in Poland are amazingly equipped with cheap must have and substitution products. If you tear apart your pants or wet your socks in the rain, no stress.

Prepare yourself to see queues to every food truck. You can eat cheap and tasty polish dishes like kiełbasa. Fancy plates also available, don’t panic.

Every non-food stand will be located in one covered common area. The only thing I don’t recommend buying last minute is the raincoat, they will most likely sold out.

Remember you won’t be able to pay in cash.


2015 edition fun facts

Muse, Metronomy, Incubus, Bastille, ASKING Alexandria.

I came to the festival at around 3pm, exchanged my tickets (hand bands were made of paper that year) and found my friends playing Zorb “Bubble” football. Yes that’s right.
Needless to say the most inviting view were the dozens of food trucks and H&M hammocks which are made available at every polish music festival. Not even once I found one free.

To every festival its weird joke.
That same year an imaginary story about Orange Warsaw Festival and its toilet became very popular: a girl with a crush on Chet Faker, meeting him casually in the Toi Tois after ridiculous suspense moments. Better don’t get into details, but if you will hear jokes about copulating at Florence + The Machine rhythms you’ll know why.

During the day I recommend the game “We are not in Russia”. Artists play in a different city every day and get confused, understandable, so they always confuse Poland with Russia, not very understandable.
The game consists in drinking a shot or half bear after every Spassiba you hear. You will probably get high before 6pm.

The gigs

First Bastille. Energic as always. You don’t have to like their music to have a lot of fun during the performance. Incubus was the closing act, simple badass. Metronomy had the best vibe for a festival.

My personal reason for being at Orange Warsaw Festival in 2015 was Muse. The gig was obviously epic and fun for both parts. It was during that performance one of the Bastille member got injured, long story short he was helping throwing huge balls at the crowd and slipped.

The most important thing at Orange Warsaw Festival is still the music.

If you are looking for a simple yet fun and real festival, well, nothing else than wish you the best time ever. 

And yeah, welcome to Poland 🙂

Festival Season is here! A guide for foreigners to Orange Warsaw Festival
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Festival Season is here! A guide for foreigners to Orange Warsaw Festival
Festival season is here so check again the performance hours, make a list of all the waterproof protection needed and don't forget your train ticket. Here is a first experience guide to this weekend Orange Warsaw Festival.
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