• Mental Health

    What I Learned This Decade

    Beginning of 2020, new year and new decade too. Happy new year btw. Time for many to make new year’s proposition lists (which I did a couple of years ago here) but this year also I don’t feel like doing…

  • Mental Health

    The definition of “getting old”

    It dawned on me the other day that the definition of “getting old” is quite forced on us by society’s needs and standards more than what it actually is. Unsurprisingly. Countless memes on being old are associated with doing less…

  • Mental Health

    Where Social Anxiety comes from for me

    I’ve been battling against social anxiety for decades of my life, with alternate successes. Sometimes I am really happy, relaxed and enjoying the interaction with friends and feel no fear of having to talk with strangers. Other times I’m the…

  • Having fun with the sunset
    Mental Health

    “Why don’t you want to have fun?”

    Fun. That’s exactly what one of my friends asked me about a few days ago. The situation was that he was organizing a party, outside, and invited a bunch of colleagues, ex-colleagues and friends of either of us to join.…

  • New Year
    Mental Health

    New Year Resolutions for 2018

    2017 just ended and 2018 began with the classic party and fireworks. I’m was never one to make new year resolutions as they usually ended with nothing 2 months in the new year. At most. Yet, this year I feel…

  • Mental Health

    The Color of Racism

    I have observed recently many people on the internet tend to stop negative trends with other trends resulting as much harming as the previous ones. Let me give you some examples. Too skinny girls in runaways? Reactions: Let’s embrace all…