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Gianluca Fiore profile

I’m Gianluca Fiore, born in Naples but living abroad (and with no intention to come back home soon). Usually I spend my time coding, reading (fantasy and history comprise the bulk of my library), listening to music (metalhead here) and working in the spare time. I plan to taste all the cocktails in the world, travel to all European countries (at least) and reading the whole Cambridge Histories before I die. I guess the hardest task will be the last one. I believe only in Nick Cave, Maradona and Paolo Sorrentino. Here I write mostly about music, culture and the trips I had.

You can find my code at Github, my pictures on Instagram and Flickr, the music I listen(ed) on Last.FM and my random thoughts on Twitter.



Sylwia speaking here. I’m an awkward pile of emotional mess wrapped in a plaid burrito. My introvert side turns off when hearing the phrases: “Lords of the Rings”, “Muse announced a gig”, “Let’s go to karaoke” or “I have food”. I get excited about a lot of things and have a countless list of stuff I like and love. Despite this, deprive me of one hour of sleep and I’ll become the grumpiest witch you have ever seen.
I used to spend a lot of time on Tumblr, I occasionally check Twitter and whenever I have time (which sadly means rarely) I contribute to my friends’ and my Roadies Instagram.