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14 great apps to help our planet and be more Eco

Finally the times have arrived when being eco and kind are a huge trend and something to be proud of.
With the growing awareness about Climate Change, Pollution, harmful habits and social issues, come more means to make a positive change.

Here are some of the best apps that help our environment and those in need during our everyday smartphone use.

Charity Miles

One of my favourite apps, Charity Miles which, through sponsors, donates money to the choosen charity organization base on the miles you’ve run/walked. I use it everytime I excersize or even when simply walking to the grocery store.
While using the app you will see the sponsor logo. You can leave the app running in the background while getting additionaly motivated to stay healthy.

Website, Android, iOS.


Ecosia is a search engine that commits to plant a tree for every search done within the app or website.
It’s a great alternative to Google, respect users privacy and publishes financial reports to show how the income from the searches is used.
You can check the areas where Ecosia plants trees on their website.

Website, Android, iOS.

ResQ Club

This app born in Finland aims to reduce food waste by connecting restaurants directly to users.
By using the app you can order food with a 50% discounts, saving you money, helping the local business out and most of all reducing food waste.
At this moment the app works in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Poland but we waiting for more cities!

Website, Android, iOS.


An alternative to ResQ Club for polish users. The app works similarly expect for the prices which vary to a max of 70% discount in total.

Website, Android, iOS.

Forest App

If you want to concentrate more or feel like you are using your phone too much, this app is for you! Forest app motivates you to not switch to other apps while working, studying, reading or even meeting friends, by growing on your screen virtual trees. Every time you spend virtual coins earned in the app, Forest App donates funds to Trees For The Future.

Website, Android, iOS.


HowGood is a very useful product scanner, providing you with the information on how much the scanned product is sustainable. The research organisation responsible for the app evaluates food products basing on their social and environmental impact. The app works very well and is available both for Android and iOS.

Website, Android, iOS.


This app allows to connect consumers to local farmers, facilitates the purchase of local and organic products and reducing the pollution connected to transport of good and groceries. Sadly this great app works only for the US at this moment and is available on Android.


Green Love

Green Love aims to help locate bio, eco, slow food, fair trade vegetarian and vegan restaurants and shops. This app is available both for Android and iOS but at the moment only in Poland.

Website, Android, iOS.

Good on You

This app allows you to be more eco and responsible while shopping for clothing. Good on You shows brand ratings, help discover sustainable fashion and obtain discounts. Ratings are based on the impact on society, environment and animals. You can browse style and brands that are more sustainable in case your initial choice wasn’t rated as eco. In case a brand is missing you can suggest it and read fashion tips. The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment and this app helps you shop responsibly.

Website, Android, iOS.


The popular BlaBlaCar app helps you find people travelling exactly where you want to go, sharing a car during your trip and hence reducing together the pollution by using less means of transportation per person. 

Website, Android, iOS.


Another way to track your emission while travelling is GiveO2. This app detects automatically the mean of transportation used already when opened, informs you about your emissions and rewards you when reducing CO2. It’s available both for Android and iOS.


Live Green

Live Green is a complete app that tracks and calculates your emissions during your everyday activities, from purchase to meal and travels. By using it you can also help plant a tree with every cubic ton of carbon emitted and, once planted, see its exact location! Sadly this app is available only for iOS devices but we hope to see it on Android one day too.

Website, iOS.


This app, more than a calculator, is a direct help to learn to live in a more sustainable way. Joule Bug educates its users in a fun and simple way about resources and habits and offers local challenges. It’s a well rated app in english worth installing.

Website, Android, iOS

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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14 great apps to help our planet and be more Eco
Want to make a change with the help of your smartphone? Here are 14 great apps that will show you how to be more Eco and help others.
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