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    Chernobyl and its message of hope

    Chernobyl view

    Anybody who has watched the stunning HBO series will have noticed its bleakness, sadness and despair at what happened. Not so much probably felt more hopeful for the future, quite the contrary. Understandably. I did instead. I noticed a strong message of hope from the heroic acts done after the disaster and at the same time one for us, for today. I’m not going to spoiler the exact scenes of the shows but only talking in general about the nuclear incident, which is (should?) well known. No fear of reading then if you haven’t watched the series yet. Chernobyl, the…

  • Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro
    Americas,  Travel

    A Week in Rio De Janeiro

    Rio immediately evokes sun, beaches, beautiful women, tangas, caipirinhas and football. Most of those are valid for Brazil as a whole but Rio is the most touristic and famous city of the country and gets more credit than the others.…

  • Leba dunes
    Europe,  Poland,  Travel

    The amazing Leba dunes

    There are many awesome places in Europe, from the historical ones to the naturalistic ones. A few can be considered truly unique. Even fewer can be considered unique AND uniquely placed. Leba is one of those very few. Located right…

  • Sarakiniko beach in MIlos
    Europe,  Greece,  Travel

    Best Milos Beaches

    Milos has around 40 beaches, spread all around the island. Some are unreachable by ground, only by sea. Among them there are a few that are true gems not just of Milos but of the whole Cyclades Islands. Being without…

  • Paros windmill
    Europe,  Greece,  Travel

    Top 9 Paros beaches to visit

    Cyclades. Archipelago of white houses, brown earth and awesome beaches. You may have heard of Mykonos and Santorini, probably. Perhaps not so much of Paros that, albeit very popular among French and German tourists, isn’t as frequented as the other…