New Year

New Year Resolutions for 2018

2017 just ended and 2018 began with the classic party and fireworks. I’m was never one to make new year resolutions as they usually ended with nothing 2 months in the new year. At most. Yet, this year I feel […] Read More

Headphones on wood

What I listened in 2017: a playlist

None of the big names came out with worthy albums, of any at all, in this 2017. Thus the 2017 playlist for me is devoid of big bands, with a single exception. Contrarily to the usual “best of the year” […] Read More

A person suffering from an addiction

Where depression ends and addiction starts

Warning: contains triggering material about depression and addiction.   I met a friend that deeply cares about her best friend. She calls her, makes sure everything is fine and supports her. She also knows her best friend has depression and […] Read More

The Color of Racism

I have observed recently many people on the internet tend to stop negative trends with other trends resulting as much harming as the previous ones. Let me give you some examples. Too skinny girls in runaways? Reactions: Let’s embrace all […] Read More

Oslo Travel Impressions

Here comes again my great ability to spend too much money. I was sitting in the office and heard Ryanair put on sale a lot of flights to most of the biggest cities in Europe. Bored as I was, I […] Read More