Here comes again my great ability to spend too much money. I was sitting in the office and heard Ryanair put on sale a lot of flights to most of the biggest cities in Europe. Bored as I was, I started analyzing which flight would cost me less and opted fro Oslo. How much of a fool I am. It was only one month before the departure, my Mom brought to my attention Oslo is in the top 3 most expensive cities in the world.

Arriving at the airport I realized why the flight was cheap. To get to the city you will need to pay  50 euros per person (chlip). Getting there was a high and down (literally) through parks, beautiful rustic villas and forests. Forget the expenses and brave yourself, visiting the city was like seeing again all of the medieval tales I used to grow up with.

We choose to stay just a weekend, in the less expensive available hotel at the time, which you wouldn’t guess it but it was Radisson Blu Park (the cheapest!). I still trying to figure out how to get those mattress, the lovely staff informed they have in their hotels, I have never slept so good in my entire life.

The city center and the town hall

Brand new buildings reminding of Vikings boats, decorated by yacht parking lots (can we common mortals believes this actually exist?), a clean port and an aesthetically pleasing town hall. Give yourself more than just a couple of hours to fix this image in your head, you won’t see anything similar. After you’ve done that, go back to the hotel because a pizza costs at least 16 euros.

Sea side Oslo
Local Cuisine: Stortorvets Gjaestgiveri

A high cuisine level restaurant (let’s be clear, there’s nothing not on a high level in this city) serving such plates as Whale meat and (my choice, I never fail my diet, isn’t it) Cloud berries with vanilla ice cream and sweet oat biscuit.

Noseblod Records

I expected something a bit scary not being a fan of Metal music but I found lots of musics and dedication to your own passion. This historic place is connected to a lot of legends (maybe some of them are not even legends). Mayhem used to record in the basements. You can find here a lot of demos of famous and iconic band. A must see for a music fan.

Vikings museum

To get here you can take a boat ride, which is considered a normal way of moving around the town, but not included in the standard ticket. The port takes you to a beautiful residential area, reminded me of good ol’ nordic Giffoni Film Festival award winning films. The museum itself allows you to se two huge ships, one of them being the place of bury of some a very high-ranking women, in fact women had an important part in the Vikings society.

Oslo art
Oslo National art Gallery

Aware of a Munch Museum existing, we choose anyway to go the National Art Gallery as the famous artist’s painting was actually there. I often choose to ignore any specific internet search and go as it is to enjoy fully what I find, I have to admit often this is just the result of my laziness (here we go again :D). The well damn musem has paintings and sculptures of Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Cezanne and Picasso! Sorry but I can’t help myself: I was screaming internally, so much my boyfriend would make fun out of me.

Oslo Opera

A futuristic architectonic work of art which has the ability to make you feel for a moment as in a science fiction movie. Walking around it is really relaxing as it cuts you out of most of the building nearby. The materials will make you uncertain if to wear glass or not as it’s marmur and pure blue glass. I recommend taking them off to enjoy the view.

I was mind blown every minute I stayed there, even when seeing the Norwegian flag on cars plates. Such a different environment makes you feel the need to realize where you are leaving not so much time for the camera impressions. But experiencing fully a trip is never a bad thing.

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House on the beach near Oslo


Oslo Travel Impressions

  1. HejJeg er i gang med at udvikle børnepolitik for det nye parti, OverskudsSamfundet. Er slet ikke i tvivl om at tallene i dit skriv er rigtige, men jeg har behov for at kende kilderne – har du dem? Og har du lyst at dele dem med mig?Med venlig hilsenMariennLikeLike

    1. Hi Katheryn, forgive me but I had to rely on a translator.
      I understand you would like to receive the sources of the content in our article. Every detail and information comes from my personal experience in Oslo where I was lucky to stay for few days in May 2017. If you need any additional info, we are here to help.
      Thank you for writing! 🙂

    2. Hi again! The numbers are based only on my own experience so they are first hand numbers. I do not have a report written for them and there is no other site or book I relied on. Sorry!

  2. Ⲩour manneг is really different in compаrison to other ⲣеople I have read stuff from.
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    1. thanks a lot, your is a really nice compliment, I love to write in a different way from most other bloggers and find different point of views to look from.

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