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    How to visit Sintra

    Sintra Palace

    Visiting Sintra is an obligated step for anybody in Lisbon for at least a few days. The amount of palaces to see and breathtaking views to enjoy is unmissable for any tourists. The way Sintra is though, perched among various hills, with the attractions scattered all around the forest, doesn’t make it easy visiting them all. Also, the sheer number of tourists flocking to the town each year make it important to select the exact order of visit to avoid the longest queues. I’ve been twice to Sintra and explored it with different buses and in various order. So let’s…

  • Ravello view
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    One day in Ravello

    Perched at 365 meters above the Mediterranean sea just above Amalfi, Ravello is a perfect day trip (or even half a day) from the Amalfi Coast, offering awesome views over the sea, lushy gardens, villas, delicious limoncello and quite a…

  • Mgła - Age Of Excuse cover
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    Mgła – Age Of Excuse

    The polish kings of straight, no experimentation, bleak black metal return with Age Of Excuse. And if you were looking for any change of direction you will be sorely deluded. Mgła are far from an abruptly changing band, but an…

  • Sunshine Blogger Award

    My Sunshine Blogger Award

    I must start by saying thank you to Lusine for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I love her blog and if you are even remotely interested in coffee (who isn’t these days?), you will love it too! Go…