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    Rock is dead. Or hidden?

    Man Playing Guitar

    Or smelling funny, as the late Frank Zappa said of jazz. Rock is dead has long been claimed, asserted, announced, joked about and cried. Since the 70s already, in which arguably rock was at the height of its health. Perhaps its first use was in the Doors song from 1968, when the genre was in its expansion phase still. Whoever and wherever it started, a plethora of rock musicians have expressed their opinions on the liveliness of the genre. Most for clamor, others with better insight. It nearly didn’t pass a single year that an artist or a music critic…

  • Sarakiniko in Milos
    Europe,  Greece,  Travel

    What to do in Milos

    Milos is a pearl. Along with Santorini, with which it shares the volcanic origin and the richness in colours of its beaches, it is one of the most objectively beautiful Greek island. No other island has so many beaches all…

  • Chernobyl view

    Chernobyl and its message of hope

    Anybody who has watched the stunning HBO series will have noticed its bleakness, sadness and despair at what happened. Not so much probably felt more hopeful for the future, quite the contrary. Understandably. I did instead. I noticed a strong…

  • Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro
    Americas,  Travel

    A Week in Rio De Janeiro

    Rio immediately evokes sun, beaches, beautiful women, tangas, caipirinhas and football. Most of those are valid for Brazil as a whole but Rio is the most touristic and famous city of the country and gets more credit than the others.…

  • Leba dunes
    Europe,  Poland,  Travel

    The amazing Leba dunes

    There are many awesome places in Europe, from the historical ones to the naturalistic ones. A few can be considered truly unique. Even fewer can be considered unique AND uniquely placed. Leba is one of those very few. Located right…