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    Is a corporate office job such an easy way of life?

    Since I was a child, I heard almost only positive words about office jobs. According to my family, my family friends, my friends parents, older friends of friend, ecc, those jobs are stable, don’t require a lot of energy, are organized, give certainties, are paid well enough and give the possibility to plan your life. Only when I started doing some regular research on the topic I found some stories of people who couldn’t bear it anymore and gave it up to live their dreams. So what’s the truth about corporate office jobs? No big discovery saying it’s not black or…

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    Naples Yet Again

    I was born in Naples. I’ve spent there more than 30 years of my life. Over one third of it all, therefore. I know it, I walked over its streets countless times, I’ve spoken with hundreds of its inhabitants, I’ve…

  • 2 Christmas Elves

    The Metalhead and Christmas Dilemma

    I admit I’ve had a weird relationship with Christmas. On one side, this christian-capitalist-modern festival of gifts, food, chants and, if you’re lucky, snow, entices the child inside me to be festive, to be happy, to share happiness and to…

  • Superman and Supergirl on a ship

    Pop Culture Relative Importance

    Sometimes on Twitter interesting discussions arise. Some other time sheer idiocy comes up. More often the latter these days. Anyway, on a discussion on celebrating the accomplishment of sending the first human being into space and bringing him back alive,…